Exploring Mallorcan scents: Creating unique perfumes

Discover with Mallorca Tailormade the variety of species native to Mallorca and all their properties in our workshop.

Exploring Mallorcan scents: Creating unique perfumes


At the heart of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca stands out not only for its stunning scenery and rich culture, but also for the variety of indigenous species that have captivated visitors and residents for centuries. Among these natural gems are a multitude of plants and essences that not only dazzle the senses, but also provide inspiration for the creation of unique perfumes.


The Scents of Mallorca: Botanical Treasures

From the sweet fragrance of lavender to the fresh scent of lemon and juniper, Mallorcan scents are a symphony of aromas that reflect the rich diversity of the island. The unique combination of Mediterranean climate, fertile soil and cultural traditions has given rise to a wide range of aromatic plants that flourish in this natural paradise.

Among the most prominent species are lavender, known for its relaxing properties and intoxicating aroma that evokes the tranquillity of the Mallorcan countryside at sunset. Lemon and orange, symbols of freshness and vitality, bring a citrusy, revitalising touch to any fragrance. Juniper, with its earthy, invigorating aroma, adds depth and character to scented compositions. These are just a few of the many scents that can be found on Mallorca, each with its own distinctive charm and personality.


Creating handcrafted perfumes: A sensory workshop

For those who wish to immerse themselves in the exciting world of artisan perfumery and explore the essences of Mallorca first hand, Mallorca Tailormade presents an exclusive workshop where you will learn how to create personalised perfumes using these precious local plants.

During this 3.5 hour workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of carefully selected Mallorcan essences, guided by expert perfumers who will share their knowledge and passion for the art of perfumery. From identifying base notes to creating unique compositions, each step of the process will be a fascinating sensory adventure.

In addition to the hands-on experience of creating their own perfume, participants will receive a notebook with formulas so they can continue experimenting at home, as well as a personalised perfume in a 7ml roll-on so they can take home a tangible souvenir of their creation. To complete this unforgettable experience, refreshments and local pastries will be offered to enjoy during the workshop.


An encounter with the essence of Mallorca

In short, exploring Mallorcan essences and learning to create handcrafted perfumes is more than just an activity, it is an opportunity to connect with nature, culture and the senses in a unique and personal way. Whether you are passionate about perfumery or simply looking for a memorable experience during your visit to Mallorca, this workshop promises to open the doors to a world of aromas and sensations you will never forget



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